Reverse Mortgage Day for Fairway Independent Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Day for Fairway Independent Mortgage in Greenville, SC was August 24th!

Harlan Accola, National Speaker and Reverse Mortgage Specialist for Fairway Independent Mortgage, was in town and had a marathon day of events.

Raymond James Financial Inc. is where the morning began with a breakfast and a presentation of the “new and improved” Reverse Mortgage option for the Financial Advisors.  Harlan went into great detail on how their 62 years and over clients can add a Reverse Mortgages to their financial planning to help enhance their retirement years.  This new non-recourse reverse mortgage allows 62 and over the ability to remove equity from their home and not from their retirement accounts avoiding taxable events and allowing their investments to continue to grow until they are forced to begin taking their required minimum distributions (RMDs) at 70.5.

City Range Steakhouse Grill was next on the agenda, where Harlan educated a group of 62 and over homeowners on how Reverse Mortgages are no longer a “loan of last resort” and are triple insured by FHA.  Why it is better plan “to have the rain poncho in your backpack when you are camping, just in case is starts to rain”.  Since Harlan has been in the Reverse Mortgage industry for the past 13 years, he was able to share many real life examples of families that were able to use the equity in their homes for:

Eliminate your monthly mortgage payment

Receive Tax Free Money from your home equity

Purchasing a new home

Making retirement funds last longer

Modifying their home for safety

Traveling the world while they have their health

Take their kids and grandkids with them

Monetary gifts for grandchildren

Funding for Health Care

Paying off Debt

Relocating and move closer to family


Harlan shared that over the last 13 years doing Reverser Mortgages and he has never had a client or a family that has said that having a Reverse Mortgage was a detriment to them financially.  What he hears over and over is “I wish I had gotten a Reverse Mortgage sooner!”



Reverse Mortgage Day for Fairway Independent Mortgage in Greenville, SC ended with a Realtor Happy Hour at our office located at 300E. Coffee Street, Downtown Greenville.  Many Realtors attending this event for a myriad of reasons:  for their own parents, for themselves, information for the future, but mostly to educate themselves for their 62 and over Buyer Clients than can use a Reverse Mortgage to purchase a new home.  Greenville, SC is on most Top 10 Lists of place to see and relocate to and since we are a destination for many retirees this educational session with Harlan Accola will equipped our Realtors with the knowledge of how they can help their 62 and older buyers purchase a new home with a Reverse Mortgage.


Our thanks to Raymond James, City Range Steakhouse Grill and Larkin’s on the River for a great day!  For more information on Reverse Mortgages, please contact Krista Smith at 864-412-0599 or