Multiple Offer Madness

Our main goal at Carolina Mortgage Experts is to provide industry knowledge to our Realtors in a useable format that they can take with them into the trenches immediately and put it into action.

Bert Karrer, Branch Manager, has a teacher’s heart and it is in this vein that we have created some strong workshops in 2015 to provide insight to our partners.  Our thought is not to get them to say “Yes, yes, I agree with you.”  We know we have succeeded when we hear our Realtors say, “I never thought about it that way!”

After our “Multiple Offer Madness Workshop”, a seasoned Realtor called us in a panic because he found himself personally in a multiple offer situation for his wife’s dream home.  John Nunnally, Loan Officer, took the call and reviewed what we had just gone over in the workshop.  John walked him through the templates, cover letter, and techniques again. 

“When you are trying to close a deal for your buyer it is one thing, when your wife is looking at you to win it is a completely different thing”, said John.  We did not take any chances, and John advised our Realtor Partner to use all three (3) techniques to win the deal.  In the end, our Realtor Partner was a Hero and won the house for his family!  Our Realtor relayed his gratitude to us at Carolina Mortgage Experts by saying that the listing Realtor had shared that theirs was not the best offer, but the three (3) layered techniques had worked to win the deal!  

When it was all said that done, our Realtor Partner’s wife was crying with joy and the Seller’s wife was crying with joy because the sellers were so excited that a family was going to take over their memories that they had created with their own family. 

That was a great day for us at Carolina Mortgage Experts!